Construction Part 10: Shiny New Basketball Court

The finishing touches are happening in the Valley Academy gym!  The old PE building has been demolished, officially ending the “Era of Portables.” Exterior touch up painting is done.  The wood floor was laid and court lines were painted. Each color in the center court logo had a separate mask for painting that was peeled off after the paint dried. Then layers of protective sealant were added.  As soon as the floor cures so that we can use it without damaging its beautiful finish, PE classes will start being held in the gym.  In the meantime, Coach Mims is loving his new office!

rubble from building demo with machinery
man stands on ladder to paint underside of roof awning
basketball court from sideline with logo in center

workers in middle of basketball court painting logo

half cour view of new basketball court
detail of basketball court floor paint with blue and yellow coyote paw print in corner

full court view of new shiny basketball court
PE teacher wtih full ball cart, two thumbs up under gymnasium sign