2021-2022 Preschool Admission Application

    Preschool students must be four years old
    on or before August 31st of the school year.

    Preschool students are offered admission in the order in which their applications
    are received. There is not a lottery for Preschool admission.

    I am interested in Reid Traditional Schools' Preschool at:
    Valley Academy onlyEither Valley Academy or Painted Rock Academy

    Both Valley Academy and Painted Rock Academy Preschools use Reid Traditional Schools' engaging academic preschool curriculum and traditional teaching methods. Painted Rock Academy is located east of I-17 near Greenway Road.

    Applying at Painted Rock Academy's Preschool does not in any way affect your position on the Valley Academy Preschool waiting list, but it does provide another opportunity for your child to attend one of our quality, academic preschools in the event that Valley Academy is unable to offer you a position.

    Student Information

    Please enter the student's name in the boxes below (Last, First, Middle):

    Age on 8/31/21: and Birthdate:
    Five year olds may attend our tuition-based preschool or apply for kindergarten by completing the K-8 Pre-Admissions Form.


    Parent or Guardian Information

    Name of person submitting form:
    How are you related to the student?
    What email address may we use to contact you?
    What phone number may we use to reach you?
    Mother's first and last name:
    Father's first and last name:

    Optional Alternate Contact Information:

    Enrollment Choices

    I plan to enroll my child in the Full Day program.Half Day program.
    I will be registering my child for
    before school careafter school careboth before and after school careneither before nor after school care

    Additional information

    What is the name of the child's current or previous school?
    Has the child been expelled from another educational institution or is the child in the process of being expelled from another educational institution?

    Students with a brother or sister currently enrolled at the same campus receive Priority Status on the Preschool Waiting List.
    Does the student have a brother or sister currently enrolled at Valley Academy?
    Are you completing another application for a brother or sister?
    If yes to either question above, please list the names and grades of those brothers or sisters:

    Legal Custody:
    If other, please explain:

    Please tell us where you have heard about Reid Traditional Schools. (Click all that apply)
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