A Warm Farewell for Mr. Hayo

A teacher so special deserves a farewell present that is equally memorable. Bill Hayo retired this year after teaching 53 years, much of it at RTS Valley Academy. As the 7/8 Math teacher, he developed a special bond with the students as they went off to high school.  To honor and remember them, he hung their 8th grade t-shirts in his classroom, and he even bought an extra shirt so he’d still have one to wear.  His co-workers convinced him to give them the t-shirts – 20 years’ worth – so they could hang them in a different class after his retirement, but instead, they had them sewn into a blanket and returned to him.  The kids’ names are on the t-shirt backs, so he can see all 955 and know the tremendous influence he has had on their lives. We honor Mr. Hayo for his service to Valley students, and we are grateful for the team of teachers who cared enough to create such a precious gift.  When we say Valley Academy is a family, this is what it’s all about.

Older male teacher with gray beard stands by quilt constructed from blocks made out of many
 school t-shirts
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