Curriculum Night Schedule Announced

Curriculum nights are coming up over the next few weeks.  This is a chance for parents to learn more about the curriculum that will be taught to their children this year.  Due to time and space constraints, children should not attend.  The teachers will also explain classroom rules and expectations including homework, discipline policy, and special activities, along with other vital information.  Sessions will be held in the classroom for Preschool through 5th grade, in the M.P.R. for 6th-8th grades, and in the Music room for all Special Area classes. The dates for each grade are listed below.  For exact times, please see the Daily Calendar of Events.

  • Preschool:       August 30
  • Kindergarten    August 30
  • 1st Grade         August 31
  • 2nd Grade        August 31
  • 3rd Grade         August 31
  • 4th Grade         August 31
  • 5th Grade         September 1
  • 6th Grade         September 1
  • 7th Grade         August 18
  • 8th Grade         August 18
  • Special Areas  August 31


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