Third Graders Love Valley, in Their Own Words

As part of National School Choice Week, Mrs. Nuttall, Valley Academy third grade teacher, asked her students what they like about their school. Their responses are delightful! Read them for yourself.

            I like my school because all the teachers are nice, not too strict and not too nice – just right.  I also like all my studies and the way the teachers teach them.  I also like all the competitions like getting Principal’s Honor Roll and then getting Board of Directors.  The teachers also have good discipline when teaching students how to behave.  The Principal is also super nice.  I like this school and I’m used to it since preschool, and as I went further and further I learn more knowledge.  I love all my teachers and am thankful for them teaching me.  And now, these are all the reasons I love Valley Academy.  — Prayukta

I like school because it is full of friends, nice teachers (Mrs. Nuttall), and creative people.  I also like it because it is easy.  I am very lucky to be in this school, because I have a great teacher.  I’m really happy I’m in this school.  –Dhriti

            Today, I’m writing thing that I like about my school.  I like that teachers give prizes to well behaving students.  The teachers are very kind and strict.  Also, I like the activities they plan for us.  Our P.E. teacher, who is Coach Mims, is very supportive and his classes are always fun.  The teachers give us over one chances.  These are some reasons why I ‘m proud to go to this school, which is Valley Academy.  –Chinmayi

            What I like about school is that I like my teacher.  I also like learning.  I like my friends.  And that’s why I like school.  — Charlee

            I like school because of my teacher.  She is the best.  I like school because of my friends.  My class is amazing because we always have fun.  And that’s why I like school.  — Mia

            I like my school because they give ice-cream every month.  And when you get Honor Roll you get a lot of ice-cream.   Also they have a really big playground like the size of 100 feet big.  Even they have a nice big gym and the teachers are nice.  I like my school. — Neal

            I like my school because it looks very spectacular.  The view is very fascinating.  I love this charter school.  The school is very outstanding and very suitable for children, because of the wonderful, terrific, and astounding students.  There are so many smart students.  I love how the teachers and the aides behave awesome to the students.  I don’t know who built this school, but they really did a remarkable thing.  They should really be prized.  I also love how they chose two really admirable principals.  I also love my classroom.  How wonderful and beautiful it is.  I love my awesome and well behaved school.  This school is a miracle to me.  —  Adithya

            I like my school because it teaches Spalding and cursive. — Riya

            I love my school because you learn and have a fantastic time.  My school is a charter school.  We have dress codes that we follow and rules.  Out teachers are incredibly nice to their students.  At lunch, my class and I sit at our table and chit chat while we eat.  I love my amazing school.  — Olivia

            I like my school because it has a gymnasium where we could play any games we want such as basketball, volleyball, … Pac-Man and exercise.  Another thing I like about my classroom is that I could improve more knowledge.  I like Art because I can be an artist.  These are the things I like about school.  — Sriram

            I like my school because it has excellent teachers, great students, kind kids, and a big gym.  Books are excellent here.  That’s why I like my school in the city, maybe in the whole country!  — Akshara

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